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small quantity of sugar

a. We repaired the heater with some little difficulty. b. We repaired the heater with no little difficulty. How much difficulty did we encounter? A lot, a little, a certain amount...? c. He added ...
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One vs. single (when we talk about amount)

When we talk about amount, which word is more correct, "one" or "single"? Remember, you should do it in one step, not multiple ones. Remember, you should do it in a single step, ...
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Do you say there is a few people or there are a few people? [duplicate]

Which one is correct: "There is a few people" because of the A determiner which is singular, or "there are a few people" because of the noun PEOPLE which is plural? Thanks a lot.
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Any open position, positions, or either?

Is the following question correct in an email? I am following up to inquire about any current open positions at the organization. When a countable noun follows any in sentences without to-be ...
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Which expressions shall I choose in the following two sentences?

The amount of water is 3l. The amount of water has 3l. This bottle of water is 750 ml. This bottle of water has 750ml. Thanks so much for your kind help!
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"Four dozen" or "Four dozens"

Out of the three, which is the best option and with which grammatical rule: I have four dozens of mango. I have four dozen of mangoes. I have four dozens of mangoes.
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Help with has/are & have/is on a test question

Most of the milk ____ A ____ gone bad. Six gallons of milk ____ B ____ still in the refrigerator. Verb choices are has/are/have/is. Which verb should be used in both blanks? Guide me please. I am ...
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A sentence from Swan's PEU using plural 'are' and not singular 'is'

In Swan's PEU (3rd Edition), an entry number 157 of 'discourse markers' reads... There are a very large number of these 'discourse markers', and it is impossible to give a complete list in a few ...
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Which is the head in "a number of boys"?

[A number of boys] were absent. (The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, p56) This book says that number is the head of the subject NP, but Angela Downing calls it a "determinative" (that is,...
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