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Use this tag for questions which distinguish between uses of *wh-* forms in questions, with subj-aux inversion, and relative clauses, where there is no inversion.

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Is it one word or two? how do you formulate questions with Or (is question word required?)

I am not sure about the grammar rules of formulating questions. It is very tricky with so many ways to ask questions. I learned that YES/NO questions do not need question words. Now I tried to ...
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free relatives and indirect questions

How do you distinguish a free relative from an indirect question? Both begin with wh-words. How are they different in meaning? Are the following sentences examples of free relatives or indirect ...
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What's the difference between what I was hoping would happen? vs. What I was hoping that would happen?

The sentence "What I was hoping that would happen?" is possible? If possible, what is the function of that? Is it one of relative pronouns or what? My understanding for "What I was hoping would ...
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Why do you need 'that' here?

What did he do that was so wrong? Why don't you say that without 'that'? I asked this somewhere else a few months ago, and got an wonderful answer. I thought that was reasonable enough. The answer ...
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What structures are sometimes used in your country? -> What +sth + verb question format

What structures are sometimes used in your country? or What are structures sometimes used in your country? What tax issues arise in your jurisdiction? or What do tax issues arise in your ...
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Had they ever, if they had ever, whether they had ever

I was wondering had they ever seen each other before? I was wondering if they had ever (ever had) seen each other before? I was wondering whether they had ever (ever had) seen each other before? Is ...
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Can I simply use indirect questions? [duplicate]

Where was the historic six point programme declared? Where the historic six point programme was declared? I know the first one is 100% correct. Is no 2 correct? Is any special rule with no 2?
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Word order in a question [duplicate]

"Why does it not sell?" or "Why it does not sell?" The first seems correct by gramatics but the second is suggested by my intuition.
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"what+noun" can take modifiers when asking?

can I ask questions in this way? "What food made in that factory made you sick?" "what kind of man-eating animals living in the reality are the most dangerous?" or say:"You should know how terribly ...
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Should clauses always start with a relative or subordinate? Can it also start with a preposition? Can there be clauses within prepositional phrases?

Is there a clause or a prepositional phrase in the sentence, That is the large, main branch from which many smaller branches branch out? If it is a prepositional phrase, what is the object? If it ...
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Why {you did not / did not you} drink that juice?

Which of the followings is correct? 1) why you did not drink that juice? 2) why did not you drink that juice? I think both of them are correct but I don't know which one is more formal! Any ...
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"What else it could be?" vs. "What else could it be?" - which is correct?

What else it could be? What else could it be? I saw both of these sentences have been used in English. Are they both correct? If so, what is the sentence structure of them.
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"How can we" vs. "How we can?"

What is the proper way to ask? How can we achieve this? or How we can archive this? What's the difference between them?
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"Do you know what time does the film begin?" vs "Do you know what time the film begins?" [closed]

Do you know what time does the film begin? Do you know what time the film begins? Which one is correct?
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"Are you" or "you are" [duplicate]

I don't understand the following question: And can you tell me where you’re from? Why is "where you are from" used instead of "where are you from"?
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15 votes
2 answers

"Do you know where's Linda?" vs "Do you know where Linda is?"

Which of the following is a correct sentence: Does anyone know where's Linda? Does anyone know where Linda is? Does anyone know why and how to use above usage if #2 is correct. Also please let me ...
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Which one is correct ? "I don't know what was that " vs "I don't know what that was" [duplicate]

Which one is correct ? "I don't know what was that" or "I don't know what that was"
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"How it works?" vs "How does it work?"

What is the difference between: "How it works?" and "How does it work?"
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"I don't know what [is] the difference [is] between some words [is]"

I was proofreading an earlier question which was phrased in this way: i am learning English and i do not know what is different between some words. Apart from the correction of some other minor ...
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