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Questions tagged [reduplication]

For questions about instances where words, or parts of words, are duplicated either exactly or with a small change.

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What does ”libel schmibel” mean?

Libel schmibel. The dead can't sue. What does “libel schmibel” mean? Another word to say it?
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How to make "rhyming compounds" ( such as lovey-dovey, hubble-bubble, roly-poly)?

I recently learned that there are some compound words in English that are called "rhyming compounds". I'd like to know: 1- Are there any grammatical rules for making these compound words? 2- What ...
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What Figure of Speech is used in phrases like "sugar mugar"?

There are combinations like sugar mugar that people use in their speech while the second word has no meaning and only adds a rhythm. What is this called in English?
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