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Expressing or indicating a change of state that results from the carrying out or completion of an event. Resultative constructions usually have a verb, a noun phrase, and a state-signifying adjective/adverb/other forms of complement. This tag is for questions about resultative constructions such as "She grows her hair long" or "He made the book his." Use this tag if you are asking about similar constructions.

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such that nobody would see him

a. He went into the room such that nobody would see him. b. The wind blew such that the vase on the window ledge was knocked over. In (a), 'such that' expresses intention. His intention was not to be ...
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Resultative adjectives

Couples shouldn’t go to bed offended against each other. Larry washed the car clean. He Printed the photo very small. Today I tried to understand “resultative adjectives”, but they confused me. As ...
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The construction of "drink them gone"

The following is from the song "no can left behind": How 'bout a 12-pack packed Just between us We're gonna drink 'em all gone Y'all this is some serious stuff I am wondering about the ...
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What is the difference between 'resulted from' and 'as a result of' in this phrase

What is the difference between 'which resulted from' and 'as a result of' in this phrase. In response to the current situation in Afghanistan, where the Taliban has taken over most of the country as ...
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"So that": reason/purpose vs. result/consequence

Many critics and grammarians have insisted that so must be followed by that in formal writing when used to introduce a clause giving the reason for or purpose of an action: He stayed so that he could ...
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crush + direct object + resultative adjective

I'd like to know whether the verb crush can take a direct object and a resultative adjective. Is the following correct? The rock crushed the driver dead/flat.
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verbs of creation and a resultative adjectival

I'm wondering whether verbs of creation, such as build, construct, and produce, can be followed by an object and then an adjectival denoting the result, with the pattern of "shoot him dead." ...
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Is “how the end result turns out” redundant?

Is “how the end result turns out” wrong? I’m talking about venting my feelings on the art I am currently doing. I would like to construct a sentence which is like depending my fortune on the outcome ...
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Have somebody doing something

I want to express at the beginning of the lesson that I hope that all my listeners will enjoy my speech. Can I use the causative structure? I hope I will have you enjoying this lecture. And what about ...
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I will have it done by tomorrow

I will have it done by tomorrow Would you please by some example describe what does the bold part mean? I think the bold part is passive, isn't it? Thanks in advance
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Are these phrases all expressing resultative meaning?

Hermione Granger was almost as nervous about flying as Neville was. This was something you couldn't learn by heart out of a book -- not that she hadn't tried. At breakfast on Thursday she bored ...
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