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Is "it" grammatically incorrect in "The chair was too small for him to sit on it"?

As the title suggests, would you consider the following sentence grammatically incorrect (not awkward, INCORRECT)? The chair was too small for him to sit on it. The sentence would make a better ...
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On modifying the resumptive modifier

Usually, the resumptive modifier works as follows: Life is all about moments, moments that record achievements, moments that record time with family. I wonder what is the grammatical function of ...
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"which I use very little" Or "which I use it very little" [duplicate]

Should we use the pronoun "it" with "which"? Which one of the following is correct? I should sell my car, which I use very little. Or I should sell my car, which I use it very little.
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"He wore [a] wig: which wig was made of hair" -- Is this 'which' a resumptive pronoun?

While reading A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, I noticed this sentence: (Note: The sentence in the title of this question was shortened due to limited space.) He wore an odd little sleek ...
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a way that most people think {is / it is} wrong

I was reading definition/meaning of the word "perverse" in Oxford Dictionary, came across : showing deliberate determination to behave in a way that most people think is wrong, unacceptable or ...
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