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3 answers

When speaking “I feel like ...” , where to pause?

Surrounded by the majestic mountains, breathtaking coastlines, and enjoying a warm, mild climate, I often feel like I’m residing in paradise on earth. When reading the last part of the sentence, ...
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need help with understanding the poem: Dylan Thomas's 'In Country Sleep'

Never and never, my girl riding far and near In the land of the hearthstone tales, and spelled asleep, Fear or believe that the wolf in a sheepwhite hood Loping and bleating roughly and blithely shall ...
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A better parody of “traitors, Rattlesnakes and alligators” [closed]

The song "Union Dixie" (the very opposite of "Dixie") sings: "Away down South in the land of traitors, rattlesnakes and alligators. Right away! Come away! Right away! Come ...
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Counting syllables in English rhymes

I have the same question as answered here: Counting syllables in English words But for rhymes and their metre. When you look for words that rhyme with "castle", does castle still count as ...
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Should grammar be tweaked to fit in a fixed phrasing?

Problem 1 The same can be applied with larger units in the article, be it sentences or paragraphs. Should the nouns after "be it" must be singular? Because the phrase is "it", then I guess they ...
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Is it ungrammatical to end a list preceded by a colon without an "and"?

Example: The mansion looked like a castle: crenelated roof, lancet windows, cylindrical towers with crosses on top. As yo can see I omitted the and. Is it ungrammatical?
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How can I avoid repeat "I" in sentence?

I'd like describe my father : First at all, when I decide to do some work, I don't worry because I know my father is behind me I use 3 times of "I" how can I change sentence for decrease "I"?
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Future in the past narrative

I'm having a little bit of difficulties with the future in the past narrative. Zoe decided she would sell her downtown apartament, and with the money she would get and the cash she had been saving, ...
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