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Questions tagged [simile]

A figure of speech used for direct comparison, and may include phrases like "as", "" or "like".

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Explaining the metaphor in a sentence

Am I making a metaphor by saying that? "Beirut: The Strong Lady Lives" Can you explain this issue, please? Thanks in advanced
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What does "Looking Mean" mean? [closed]

What does "looking mean" mean in US English? I wrote my son was looking mean and my wife told me to take it down. Why? For instance "Doesn't like James Dean look mean on a motorcycle?&...
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What is generally understood by the expression "like peas in a pod" when said of people?

I have always understood "like peas in a pod", when said of people, to mean that they are very similar in appearance (or possibly in character), like Alia and her sister are like peas in a ...
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Meaning of a leaden idol?

"Surely you remember the boy in you own school class who was exceptionally "bright", did most of the reciting and answering while the others sat like so many leaden idols, hating him". p.77 Fahrenheit ...
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"Might as well be" vs "might as well been."

Say, you're writing in the past tense. And you want to make a simile-like comparison. Should you use "might as well be" or "might as well been"? And why? Example: She squinted at the typed words, ...
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Entering through legal / illegal solutions

Let's say that as a business man you have some problems with the tax ministry of your country. You are a very wealthy and influential individual that have friends in high places. Therefore it would ...
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The grammar of "struck dumb, sprouting feelers" in this sentence

Harry was pointing the wand directly at Dudley's heart. Harry could feel fourteen years’ hatred of Dudley pounding in his veins—what wouldn't he give to strike now, to jinx Dudley so thoroughly he'd ...
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