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Rules for Joining by Past Participle [closed]

The sentences below have different subjects. I saw a child. He was burnt. But we can join/add them using a past participle, and write- I saw a burnt child. I have not been able to find any rule ...
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V+ing Vs. is v+ing? [closed]

What's the difference between those two sentences? Why don't they equal each other? Robert is eating launch. Robert eats launch. Does one expresses continues action and the other don't?
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They'll deliver it in two hours. (meaning, we'll have this in two hours)

Browsing through an online store, a girl points at a certain item and says, "Wow, let's order this! They(or A courier) 'll deliver it in two hours (meaning, two hours from now, if we do order it ...
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Simple Aspect and Perfect aspect in Tense construction

What is the difference between the Simple aspect and the Perfect aspect? Background: It says: "The simple aspect does not tell us whether action is ongoing or complete as it does not contain ...
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"Let me know how you <get on> <are getting on> at your new job."

from (1a) I hear you've got a new job. How do you get on? — incorrect (1b) I hear you've got a new job. How are you getting on? — correct from (2a) ...
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Past Simple or Past Perfect in context of a story

we were creating a story and stumbled over this sentence: I remembered the day when she had come up with an idea... So in this sentence is it better to use Past Perfect or is it better to say "...
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AmE_ where did…? Vs where have…?

My friend planned to visit my country for a week. Now it is his 3rd day he has been in my country. I want to know which places (did he visit)/(has he visited), so that I can recommend him other places ...
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