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The word that describes the feeling when you're disgusted by a certain taste

Imagine that you're having a really sweet and high-fat piece of cake. At first, you can have it just fine, but after a while you get sick of its overwhelming taste. How do I describe that I am now ...
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A child who behaves as an adult

All of us are aware of Peter Parker (aka Spiderman). From his dialogues, he tries to sound mature as if he were an adult, though he is 14. Okay, let's come to the question, what do you call a child ...
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Single word request for "basic and plain"

I seem to believe that there must be a single word that means something to the extent of: Basic and plain design/look. In a sentence: I believe the design for this graphic user interface is too ...
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Single word/ phrase for "a problem that can be solved right way/easily"

My sentence is: A is not a problem that can be solved easily. I need a single word/ a phrase (adjective + noun) to replace "a problem that can be solved easily". I would prefer a formal word/...
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