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Slang is a type of language that consists of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal.

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Term for abrupt termination of sedation

I'm looking for a word or slang regarding the abrupt awakening from a narcotic's sedation. To be precise, there is a state in which a drug addict abruptly wakes up from the pleasant trance he is ...
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Adding "s" to the verbs it doesn't belong to

Just curious about this thing, some people add -s in sentences like here: "I keeps my promises" and I've also seen people both adding it and using it the normal way in the same paragraph of ...
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can someone please explain me the meaning of "It's not cut" in this context

I've playing a game called gta san andreas and there's a phrase that i'm no understanding at all the context is: the character called CJ and the other called big smoke have to go to cj's mom funeral ...
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Idiom/slang for the expression "to use in an unwitting fashion/manner"

In the following video (2.12), the commentator is using the expression "to use in an unwitting fashion", whose meaning is perfectly understandable. My question is about how the same idea ...
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The meaning of the acronym ITE?

I am reading a novel about North African prisoners of war and in it the writer uses the acronym "Ite" to represent a certain AXIS group of Soldiers. The best I can make out is that its the ...
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Which of these sentence is correct given the subject of the sentence?

Which of these sentence is correct? “I am a person who likes their hair” (we conjugate with “person” we use “their” as a gender-neutral pronoun or do we put “his?”) “I am a person who like her hair” (...
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Understanding "Cracker"

What does "cracker" mean in these passages from The Ferryman by Jez Butterworth: 1: QUINN. Where’s Michael? CAITLIN. Flat on his cracker in bed. 2: MICHAEL. Morning, Tom Kettle. Where’s m’da? ...
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what does "drop one's balls" mean?

I see it in "Regular Show" The whole sentence : Benson's gonna drop his balls when he sees how good we set up these chairs. Is it a slang ? I haven't found anything in web.
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meaning of the phrase "amped up on" in context

It is from Crash Course A&P. It is at 1 minute and 23 second. Here is the context: But even when they are functioming well, some of your immune cells are careening around your body like ...
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Meaning of "cross" in "While the cross has corrected slightly this week, we expect the uptrend to continue and recommend a buy-on-dips strategy"

From an article titled "Euro to US Dollar Exchange Rate Will Go Higher, Analysts Say, Buy On Dips": “While the cross has corrected slightly this week, we expect the uptrend to continue and ...
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meaning of a sentence in simak's project mastodon chpt.1

I am wondering the meaning of the following sentence found at the end of chapter 1 in Simak's Project Mastodon!: Snide item in smug, smart-alecky gossip column: Saucers are passé at the Pentagon. ...
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Do the British use words like "batso" or "nutso"?

Today I encountered the word "batso" and I understood from context it meant "crazy". It interested me because it sounds like an Italian word "pazzo" which means "...
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How to ask people if they are currently going commando

When asking people if they are currently going commando (not wearing underwear), should I say Did you came commando? or Are you on commando? or something else?
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What is the grammar used in "[somebody] best girl"?

I see on some anime communities for example sometimes people use "[somebody] best girl", meaning "I love her; She is so adorable to me; (or literally) She is the best girl;". So ...
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Other alternative for "does that make sense"?

What are other alternatives for "Does that make sense"? I personally think this phrase is natural, not rude nor respectful. Are any other alternatives for when you try to sound more serious/angry (...
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