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Questions tagged [subject-vs-object-pronouns]

This tag is for questions about whether to use subject or object pronouns, such as uncertainty about "I" or "me", "she" or "her", "he" or "him", "they" or "them".

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Verb + Object Pronoun + Object or Verb + Object + Object Pronoun

Most of time I am confused when making the sentences, like so: Verb + Object Pronoun + Object Verb + Object + Object Pronoun Here's some examples: Send me e-mail. Post me them. Post me the socks. ...
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who/whom as both subject and object in same context

Which of the following is preferred, and why?: I know many who are like you. I know many whom are like you. The pivotal word appears to function as an object and a subject, depending on the clause ...
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For who or For whom

What is the correct usage in the sentence: “I am the one for who / whom the cafe was kept open.” Since who / whom refers to the subject “I”, would the subjective case “who” be correct?
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What is the order of singular and plural pronouns in the same sentence?

What's the order to be followed in case of pronouns where there are 2 third person subjects, one being plural and one singular. For example You, David, them and I are invited for the party. Or will ...
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Can I say "they wanted me to fit in this world?" and "they wanted to fit me in this world"? Are they both correct?

I feel like they are both correct in the speaking but also feel like maybe one of them is incorrect grammatically because of the obeject pronoun. Is there a rule to object pronoun before or after ...
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Which is correct? “It is me/I who am your teacher”

Can you help me with this? Are both sentences correct? It is me who am your teacher Or It is I who am your teacher
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Let John and I go or Let John me go [duplicate]

Let John and I go is correct or not? Or should I use Let John and me go? Which one is correct and why? Here "I" is the subject pronoun and "me" is object pronoun. Above John and me/...
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in the following grammar

Consider we have the sentence My bird likes sunflower seeds. She eats a lot of seeds everyday. Using pronoun resolution we can replace she with the actual subject 'My birds'; converting 'She ...
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Should I be using "me" or "I" in this sentence?

There are my father, mother, grandparents, me who was seven years old, and my brother who was five years old. The above sentence is used to describe a photograph. Is the sentence correct? Will it be "...
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Why is it "all of us" rather than "all of we" or something similar?

So I can say this: All of us eat. Using "us", an object pronoun, and saying that everyone in a group eats. I can also say similar things like All of them eat. Which uses "them", also an ...
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Why is 'me' sometimes not used as an object?

So occasionally I'll see something like this: – Who did this? – Me. Sometimes they'll go a little further and say Me. I did., but not always. This is one I see often: – Hey! You! – Who? Me? In ...
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Where is the object in the sentence?

In the example of John baked Mary a cake for her birthday. and John cried a river of tears over Mary. Which is the object in the sentences? Are both the object 'Mary'? If so, why?
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Subject and object pronouns

We had an exercise on Subject and Object pronouns in school. I have a question on the same. Can we use them and they interchangeably? Like in the following instance: It's them over there. They ...
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"as well as I" vs "as well as me"

Should I "as well as I" or "as well as me" in the following sentence? John  visited the party last night as well as I/as well as me.
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He/Him buttering sunscreen on my back

We were vacationing at the beach, I/me sprawled on my towel, he/him buttering sunscreen on my back. What should be the correct choice and why? My intuition tells me that me ... him is the correct ...
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He or him? Pronoun

I have a sentence like this There are four people in his family. They are his parents, his younger sister and him. Is is correct if I substitute "he" for "him" in the sentence above?
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He/him and I/me: How to use personal pronouns?

I have a problem sometimes to determine when to use these pronouns. I have read other articles before on this subject but I still can't grasp how to use them properly. Can someone explain to me some ...
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"Was it SHE you were talking about?"

I have a doubt in choosing the subject and object form of pronoun in some sentences I found following examples in "Word Power Made Easy" by Norman Lewis. But there was no explanation covered for the ...
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"than her" versus "than she"

It is a well known fact that Alex is more soft-spoken than (she/her). Why would "her" be wrong? Why must the sentence end with "she"?
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