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For questions pertaining to the meaning and/or use of symbols other than punctuation in English

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Symbol/abbreviation for "number of", "quantity of"?

In software user interface context, what symbol should I use to represent a quantity (the number of units for a given object)? At the moment I use "#" but I feel like it represents an index, ...
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Meaning and usage of "/"

The use of "/" is to highlight the differences or group similarly related? Do we use "/" as a substitute of "and" or "or" or both? Designer/Coder Micheal won ...
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Is it grammatical correct that a exclamation links a comma? [duplicate]

missing 11-year-old girl "Nothing in her phone indicated she was planning to leave!," Jonie Barnett said on Facebook.
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What is the difference between these two characters? ` and ' [closed]

I cant figure out why ` and ' are different! Sometimes I type ' and my sugggestions for Google say this: ` Please help, I am working on a story.
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'Said' infront of the sentence [duplicate]

Juan Dela Cruz is a former member of this District formerly assigned at ABCD. Said employee was transferred to ZXC. Does capital Said infront of the sentence correct? it seems to me it' wrong
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What does it mean X symbol between 2 names?

What does it mean symbol x between 2 names? (I saw it in some places regarding to the peppermint names in Latin, for example on Wikipedia and on this site)
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What is the spelling of `~`?

I searched ~ spelling and ~ symbol spelling on Google but found nothing. My dictionary doesn't contain ~ either. P.S.: is there any online dictionary that can translate symbols? I find I know almost ...
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What does this handsymbol mean? [closed]

I saw this on the news yesterday. It was a video snipped from USA where democrats and republicans were arguing. One of the republicans did the following hand symbol Does it have a special meaning? I ...
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Avidly received news vs excited to receive the news

I have a sentence: "I was excited to receive the news that I won the lottery..." and I need to keep the meaning but avoid the word "excited" (I have the same word in the sentence before) Can I say: ...
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When can a hyphen ("-") be used, and what does it mean?

I've seen the hyphen (-) used in phrases a lot, for example: audience-knowing moves-sometimes do-gooder When and why is the hyphen used, and what does it mean when it's used?
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What is the name for these keys on a computer keyboard?

Here is a (US English layout) computer keyboard. There are six keys which are dotted red in the upper right corner. I want to know what to call them in English. I want to know the names for each ...
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How can I learn the English sounds that don't exist in my mother tongue?

How can I learn the English sounds that don't exist in my mother tongue? I have troubles with distingushing between the long and short sounds, but also it's very hard for me to get the difference ...
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Symbol names in English [closed]

There are some symbols which you can see on your keyboard, I'd like to know how do you say their names in English. I know some of them, so I'll would be appreciate it if you complete and correct the ...
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3 answers

Metaphor VS. Symbol

They're related, but generally a metaphor is used to draw a comparison between two distinct objects, whereas a symbol is used as a stand-in for a much more complex, and generally more abstract, idea. ...
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What do I call the ′ in mathematical formulae?

As in x′ = x + t "Ex (?) equals ex plus tee". In Russian it is called "штрих" (shtrikch).
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How do you read the differential mark aloud?

How do you read the differential mark?
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Multiplication: names of some mathematical symbols

As far as I know, in Italian mathematics books, the symbol for multiplication can take several forms: B × 3 B · 3 B * 3 (rare) I'm not sure of having ever seen case 3 in English books, perhaps ...
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