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This tag is for questions about the voiced and voiceless dental fricatives.

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why Chinese pronounce 'θ' to 's'

Such as python's pronunciation, many Chinese pronounce to [p’ɑɪsən] but neither [p’ɑɪθɑn] or [p’ɑɪθən]. Why? Is there any reason or historical about? And how could I correct them?
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How do we pronounce month's? I mean apostrophe s after th? [duplicate]

How do we pronounce apostrophe s after th? For example month's? And how do we pronounce deaths?
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How to pronounce "used the" in the USA?

He changed the music style to fit trend and used the media as his new tragedy This above a line from a movie but what I heard instead of 'used the' was like 'use the'. So I wonder what's the right ...
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In which instance is "th" pronounced like in "the"?

In certain words, the letters 'th' are pronounced just like in "the" or "clothes" — /ð/. But in a word such as "filthy", the sound changes (/θ/). Which sound is more ...
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Common words where TH is not pronounced as TH?

I've recently been told that the word "clothes" is actually pronounced as "close", because an American friend heard me saying it with a voiced TH sound. The thing is I usually can'...
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How to pronounce thing and thought?

My dictionary says thing /θɪŋ/ thought /θɔːt/ but when listening to native speakers, I hear it like thing /fɪŋ/ thought /fɔːt/ Do I hear it wrong?
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Pronunciation: TH in "There"

This might be a silly question, but I've noticed that some people in the US don't pronounce their "TH's" in some words such as (This, that, the, these, those and etc...) and some other people don't ...
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Problem in pronunciation of voiced and unvoiced th

My sister and I have problem in pronunciation of voiced and unvoiced Th. We used to substitute unvoiced th with \s\ (like in think) and \t\ (like in thank you) and voice th with \d\ Now we are ...
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How should I pronounce "th" well?

I had a hard time trying this. I have known that I should bite my tounge when I pronounce "th". This sometimes goes well with words like "thick". However, every time I try to say "those", Siri will ...
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Do they notice me if I use /d/ instead of 'th' sound?

I can’t hear the difference between /d/ and th very well, though I know how to pronounce them. And it’s always hard for my tongue to use th, especially in the word “the”. Naturally I switch to /d/ ...
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Voiced th pronunciation

Recently I have been trying to learn to pronounce the voiced th properly.Is it a correct way of pronouncing it by saying "d" with my tongue between my teeth?I know that this is not the canonical way,...
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Do all native English speakers actually pronounce the "th" sound?

One of the things that were very unnatural for me while learning English was the "th" sound. Do all native English speakers actually pronounce it this way or does it vary between accents (Canadian, US,...
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Do most Americans pronounce 'months' as 'mons', and 'clothes' as 'clos'?

I am watching a video course which teaches American accent (The video course is called 'The American Accent'). The teacher inside it says that most of Americans actually omit the [th] sound and ...
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Exchanging TH (voiced) sound with D sound?

I have some difficults perceiving the differences between sounds very similars (to my ears). For example words like bad and bed sounds very similar. Live and leave too. Though listenig cautiously I ...
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How to pronounce "That's the thing"?

It seems difficult to pronounce the th sound from "the" after the s sound from "that's" So my question is: Is it ok to omit the s sound? (see below) "That the thing"
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Th sounds in English

I know there are actually two different "th" sounds in English, but they are very similar. I'm very confuse. Please share some tips to pronounce them.
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pronunciation rules for words with spelling -th- /θ/ /ð/ [duplicate]

Is there a rule to identify which is the correct pronunciation for words with -th- spelling (mother- think), this /θ/ or this /ð/?
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Some exercises for the "th" sounds for a foreign learner

What is the right technique for acquiring the "th" sounds? Are there any really proved useful exercises or tongue twisters which can help to get them? I think after some training I've managed to ...
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Pronunciation of thinner and dinner

Thinner and Dinner. I have problems pronouncing these two words. To me they sound exactly the same; I do not know if the first should be pronounced like an f ("finner") or not. Google Translate ...
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Is there a standard technique for practicing the "th" phonemes?

My son is still young enough to be practicing his pronunciation. He has trouble (not surprisingly) with th in particular. I have modeled the correct mouth shape for him but it still takes him a lot ...
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