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For questions about verb tense in sentences where the timing of events makes it difficult to know the correct tense to choose.

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Past or present tense in sentences regarding thoughts

I am confused in using tenses in sentences regarding thoughts: I thought that it was interesting. or I thought that it is interesting. Which sentence out of these two is correct and why?
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"From 4 years out" meaning

I was listening to NPR where Michele Krebs the executive analyst of autotrader came on to be interviewed on "How the auto industry is reacting to the tentative US-Mexico trade deal". The program was ...
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During the past week

Please look at the following and tell me what the difference between them is During the past week, Chris has answered the phone. During the past week, Chris answered the phone. When I say "during ...
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just at the time that I dated my creation

The following sentence is from Frankenstein. Does the boldfaced prepositional phrase describe the time at which the speaker was seized with the nervous fever, or the time at which he remembered the ...
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