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Understanding a passage in relation with 'Clauses' and 'Phrases'

Below is the screenshot of a passage from 'Oxford Guide to English Grammar by John Eastwood'. The passage says A clause has a subject and a verb. Subject and Verb are the elements of a sentence or a ...
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Problem listening to foreign accents [closed]

From the beginning I had some problems listening to foreign accents. Like when someone from my native country (India) speaks English I understand it at once, but if someone from a foreign country ...
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Doubt regarding the airline ticket information [closed]

I recently had an English test where we had to read a passage and answer questions about the meaning. I completely failed to understand certain portions of this passage and do not understand the ...
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Using "ponder" as an intransitive verb?

In one my novels, a separate section is given as Points to Ponder Over. However, no phrasal verb as such (ponder over) really exists. By Oxford dictionary, ponder is a transitive verb. So it cannot be ...
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Having problem understanding a sentence

Our university, in expelling a student who verbally harassed his roommate, has erred by penalizing the student for doing what he surely has a right to do: speak his mind. Q1) Are the word "student"s ...
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