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Is "it started to grow arms" understandable here?

I write kinda fairy-tale, and there are two people who turned into other beings. When they begin to change into human form, I wrote that one sentence: "In their stony bodies it/there started to ...
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through-wall meaning

I was reading a standard (DS-1 Drill Stem Inspection) and I saw the following sentence: The reference standard for flux leakage transverse flaw detection units shall be a through-wall drilled hole ...
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Understanding "Cracker"

What does "cracker" mean in these passages from The Ferryman by Jez Butterworth: 1: QUINN. Where’s Michael? CAITLIN. Flat on his cracker in bed. 2: MICHAEL. Morning, Tom Kettle. Where’s m’da? ...
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What's the difference between the usage of different and other in these contexts?

Source The journey is called off, replanned for some other time. Source:A School Prospectus The school has well equipped computer labs. The students use the facilities to develop ...
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In this passage researchers are saying that biofilm indicates the level of pollution. But I didn't understand how it does this

River pollution A team from Cemagref in Lyon (FR) has identified a pertinent indicator of the level of pollution in rivers: the biofilm. A complex combination of bacteria, algae and fungi, the biofilm ...
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