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A word or phrase of farewell used to end a letter or message

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Is 'Yours sincerely,' part of a sentence?

I came across this page by the BBC on how to write a formal business letter. Here they end the letter by saying: Yours sincerely (space for signature) James Smellsnice Sales Manager. Notice how they ...
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The usage of Yours faithfully and Yours sincerely

I have a question regarding some valedictions in emails. As you know, “Yours faithfully” and “Yours sincerely” are sign-off phrases primarily used in British English. These are the generally accepted ...
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Does "Bests" mean "Best regards" in emails?

One of my colleagues (not a native English speaker) always ends his emails like this: Bests Mike I guess he means Best regards with Bests. Could someone help explain?
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How grammatically sound are letter valedictions like "Best regards"?

My question is specifically about how we close letters. Let's start with fairly archaic valedictions: Sincerely, John Smith With regards, Jane Smith Here, "sincerely" describes John ...
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"With best/kind regards" vs "Best/Kind regards"

In Europe, it is not uncommon to receive emails with the valediction With best/kind regards, instead of the more typical and shorter Best/Kind regards. When I see a colleague of mine writing such a ...
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'Yours faithfully' vs 'Yours sincerely'

I already and understand Wikipedia on 'valediction and user 'Manoochehr' 's answer on ELU: As reported by Oxford Handbook of Commercial Correspondence: [1.] If the letter begins with Dear Sir, ...
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"Best regards" vs. "Best Regards"

I have been told that I should use "Best regards" in emails. However, I also see many native English speakers using "Best Regards". I'm confused which is correct.
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