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Verb pattern : Verb + object + to + infinitive

Why don't we have "to" before the verb "dine" in the following example? Is it because it borrows it from "to come"? Example (1): Whenever he feels lonely, he invites a ...
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Position of not in the sentence below

I'm a bit confused with: I warn you not to do this and I warn you to not do this. Do these sentences mean the same?
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The teachers do not allow [us/our] eating in the classrooms

Does the verb 'allow" allow such structures as The teachers do not allow us eating in the classrooms. The teachers do not allow our eating in the classrooms.
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Some... some... and others.... Some

The place is alive with campers in tents, hitch-pulls and fifth wheeltrailers, and assorted motor homes. Families with small children andteens are running everywhere. Some are on the way to the ...
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Sentence pattern: participle + adjective + object?

I got stuck, trying to figure out how common and natural is the following construction: he said, cracking open a beer Is it also possible to use "he said, cracking a beer open"? Could anyone add ...
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