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What is the semantic difference between “movement” and “moving”?

I noticed that “movement is slow” makes sense, but “moving is slow” doesn’t make sense. I know “movement” is action, but I wonder what gerund “moving” means. If there is sentence “her moving is ...
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(noun to) + (verbal noun) vs (noun to) + (verb) when there's normally a noun after (noun + to)

I'll give you an example: "I want to get an access to _____" Should I fill it with "doing" or "do"? Because normally after the "access to" collocation we use a noun, e.g "access to games", "access ...
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A question about verbal noun

I'm a beginner in English, and I have a question. When do we use the verbal noun of some words (Like "Charge") that are both nouns and verbs? For example, what is difference between "Battery charge ...
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Can "by doing" be used in a row?

I get healthy by losing weight by walking 30 minutes every day. Is it correct to use "by doing" in a row as in the sentence above I created?
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Pick out the word in each of the following that is different (Odd One Out)

Pick out the word in each of the following that is different (Odd One Out) Intuitive, initiative, talkative, quantitative The answer is - initiative. PS - I just want to know the reason or the ...
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The use of probable and may is confusing

I am completely confused about the combination of this two words. "she probably may have a form" "she may probably use it" The combination of this two words are quite confusing. I think one should ...
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Singular/Plural verb in Appositive

Many of blues great Bessie Smith’s songs describe the experiences of southern Black migrants, especially the struggles of Black women to adjust to urban life in the northern United States. In the ...
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Verbs and Verbals -- Why can't I write "(the) expense to make (someone do something)"?

The hope is that the sheer expense to make producers pay for the disposal of their computer equipment wherever it is sold or being used across the world, will spur the industry towards making "greener"...
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'I have decided to purchase a jet for getting to NYC and back more quickly.'

Are the following sentences grammatical or not? If not, does substituting a to-infinite make them grammatical? (Optional: designate if the sentence expresses purpose, reason, aim, or function) 1 I ...
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