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This tag is for questions about the different forms, or variations of a word.

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Is playing with someone in Quake "quaking" with someone?

I often see new words being made up in English quite easily. Is this correct? What are the guidelines I should follow? For example, there's a legendary game known as Quake, and there have been people ...
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What's the accepted way to use "criterion", "criteria", "criterions"?

In many publications, especially IT related, I find lots of expressions with criteria e.g. What is your criteria ... What are your criteria ... What are your criterias ... English ...
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Which is the plural of "forum": "fora" or "forums"?

I'm active on many discussion fora, but I see that people more often use the form forums. Are both forms correct and adequate? If so, why are there two forms for the plural of such a short word?
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Under what circumstances does an adverb not get -ly?

I learned in school that it's correct to say really good. On the internet I've also seen real good. Is this grammatically incorrect, or are there particular circumstances under which this is correct? ...
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Is "indices" or "indexes" the plural of "index"?

I've heard both plural forms of index, indices and indexes. I usually use indices when referring to the computer science term for database index, but I'm not sure if it is correct in that context. ...
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Is there a general rule how to create feminine words?

Is there a general rule how to create feminine words? For example feminine from waiter is waitress, from actor – actress, etc. So, generally the ending -ess means the feminine form. But I’ve never ...
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