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email: I am a female?

I was emailing a professor for graduate study opportunity. He replied with the title: _Dear Mr. Li. Actually, I am a female. Would it be a little strange if I told him in my reply? And how do I put this, should I say "I am a female?" Thank you very much.

Thank you all for your answers and suggestions. I replied last night using happy's suggestions. The Professor replied me with even a Chinese sentence, if I translate it, it would be"Sorry, Miss Li, is it?"(and he also wrote English expressing similar meaning of apology)

and again I don't know how to reply. I think I should reply like this(and thanks to ): Never mind. Since my name makes it very easy for this to occur. Should I?

I really think it is not easy to keep email contact with foreign professors. Sometimes I think I should talk about academic questions in every email sometimes I think it is kind of unnatural.