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For questions which a dictionary cannot answer about the meaning of a single word. It is best to include details about where you found the word, and any definitions that you have found that don't make sense, or don't fully answer your question.

0 votes

What does "the lines of artist" mean?

This must be a reference to Line Art. Line Art Usually single-color drawing (such as one made with a pen or pencil) with little or no solid areas, and no shading effect other than cross-hatc …
  • 1,723
2 votes

What's the exact meaning of "mud-flinging"?

MUDSLINGING noun 1.the use of insults and accusations, especially unjust ones, with the aim of damaging the reputation of an opponent. Often, when a word is used incorrectly enough time …
  • 1,723
1 vote

What is the dictionary definition and the part of speech of the word "rival" used in “rival ...

RIVAL noun 1.a person or thing competing with another for the same objective or for superiority in the same field of activity: I have two favorite teams, Arsenal, and any team playing the …
  • 1,723
2 votes

How to understand the meaning of “ensure” in this context?

Ensue VERB 1.happen or occur afterward or as a result Ensued is used properly within the context of your quoted text. Notice how Diplomat is modified by bungled and horrific. Notice the irony of …
  • 1,723
3 votes

"Channel" Effect?

Channel (noun) 3a. a medium for communication or the passage of information synonyms: agency, route, avenue, mechanism You will typically see this definition of channel used in journali …
  • 1,723
0 votes

Is it correct to put an “a” or "another" before the word "dimensions"?

For starters, A and An have rules. A = the following word starts with a consonant. There is a green dot on my orange. An = following word starts with a vowel. There is an orange …
  • 1,723