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Difference between conflicted and ambivalent?

In a lot of situations in which you are "conflicted", you would also be "ambivalent". So both words apply. Conflicted is related to "conflict", so there should be some ...
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Difference between conflicted and ambivalent?

It's not surprising that you're confused: I find the word "ambivalence" included in definitions of "conflicted"! Here are two more dictionary entries. These "learner's ...
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How to use "devoid of" correctly

A place is devoid of something. It was midnight and the stadium was devoid of fans. You can use the word figuratively of a person: On that medication for hypertension she felt empty, devoid of ...
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Alone as an adverb or as an adjective

In context, "alone" is being used as an adjective. The writer is saying that Bittering is or feels alone. The comma indicates that that was what he was thinking, and not how he was thinking. ...
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