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two times as little/much as - acceptable

"two times as much" is valid and sensible. Like, "Jack earns two times as much as I do." If you earn 1000, Jack earns 2000. I've heard people say "two times as small" or &...
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SHOULD I USE steady or steadily?

The former (steady) is an adjective. So, this word will be used to describe a noun. Steadily will be used in present progressive sentences. This means that any sentence that is on going, or happening ...
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Should I say "I only need to develop iOS games, rather than other non-game apps", "I need to develop only iOS games …", or some other wording?

We should place modifiers close to their modificands. In the OP's example, the intended modificand is clearly iOS games. We should hence use the second version although I believe the first should ...
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sings here only on Saturdays

Sentence 1 No, He sings here only on Saturdays means that if he is singing here, it must be Saturday. In other words, he never sings on other days of the week. It doesn't tell us anything about how ...
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