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I trust a lawyer. - general sense or specific one?

Example 2 'I trust a lawyer' can mean the same as example 1 'I trust lawyers' when this phrase is accompanied with more context e.g. "I trust a lawyer (over your advise!)" or to completely ...
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"An a hundred millilitre bottle"

From a grammar standpoint, it's wrong, plain and simple. The reason it is being so heavily debated is because we can see the reasoning behind why someone could think it's correct. You're probably ...
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Spring is the best season of {a/the} year

Spring is the best season of the year. Just as you might say "Christmas is the best time of the year!" You would not say "Christmas is the best time of a year!"
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"I ate at a restaurant… A dessert was delicious." — Is there an explanation of using "a" before "dessert" other than there was more than one dessert?

PLEASE NOTE: This answer concerns two separate utterances following on from each other: that is the context here. Those are the examples from the OP. This is not about whether one can use a/an or the ...
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