When the name of a product is derived from a particular place, the place name is a proper noun, so the first letter is capitalised, for example Bordeaux wine. When the name of a product is derived from the main ingredient, then unless the main ingredient is a proper noun, the first letter of the ingredient name is not capitalised, for example barley wine. ...


Each of your example forms 1-4 would be acceptable, and so would other variations. I would use a colon on your numbers 1 and 4. I would use semi-colons on numbers 1 and 2, and probably start each item with a capital in 2. There are also forms in which each list item contains multiple sentences, this is most often done as something like your number 3.


The gas used until about 50 years ago in my country (the UK) for heating and cooking, made from coal, was called in writing 'coal gas' (both words all lower case). Use of a capital C would be incorrect. By-products from the production process included coal tars and ammonia, which were important chemical feedstock for the dye and chemical industry with a ...

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