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"it would be" in reference to something that someone else did or does

Let's acknowledge first that conditionals are confusing. And all the taxonomy of first, second, zero, implicit, explicit et cetera is a bit artificial. These categories are "descriptive, not ...
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"I would say" VS "I would have said" (in the context of giving one's opinion about something)

... it's like, it's covering up pain, isn't it? a little bit covering up of pain, I would have said. There’s no grammatical justification to use would have said, which should be applicable only for ...
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Difference between "the number of people you would have thought" OR "the number of people you would think"?

The cited quotation originated in extemporaneous speech, not in edited writing, so it's important to recognize at the outset that we are not dealing here with what the poster describes as "the ...
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