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Correlation between articles and time

Utterances don't exist out of context. Would you go up to a stranger and start telling them about your students at random? No. This must be part of a conversation or a paragraph or something. "...
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Article usage for plural nouns

Only #1 is correct. #2 is incorrect. There are specific rules about when and how to use articles. But generally speaking, when you refer to a noun in general, you don't use an article: I talked with ...
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Definite / Indefinite Article in "Does the sentence below need a/the definite article?" and "a/the crab will not appear"

You would use a crab if the son is generally convinced that throwing stones into any puddle will make a random crab appear because all puddles contain crabs. You would use the crab if the son has, for ...
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Looks like British people say "They're at the cinema." Don't Americans say "They're at cinema"?

British people call it "cinema". Americans call it "theater" or "movie theater". Sometimes, Americans will say "movies" to refer to the place where they watch ...
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