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Is "It is happy to hear that." (meaning the speaker is happy to hear that) grammatical and idiomatic?

All four are incorrect. "It is X to hear that" means that the ... entity ... doing the hearing is feeling X. We use "it" to refer to inanimate objects, not people. So these ...
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It's/this is my dream being

Not quite. Rewrite this way: It's my dream to be on a TV show like this. This is my dream: to be on a TV show like this.
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there is evident a serious and purposeful rekindling of confidence

This type of construction is not common in normal colloquial speech. It’s very formal-sounding. It has the same meaning as Within us, the people of the United States, a serious and purposeful ...
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It'll make it quicker

Yes it is. Alternatively it'll make the journey quicker.
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