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An American expression for "a packet of crisps"

The above image shows an opened bag of potato slices (that have been sliced thin and deep-fried) next to an unopened bag. In the UK, these bags would each be called a "packet of crisps". In ...
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An American expression for "a packet of crisps"

As an American I would say that's a bowl of (potato) chips. If I wanted to be specific I would say they're wavy potato chips or "ruffles". You can drop the word "potato" since that'...
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Is it rude to say “Excuse me, Ms.”?

(United States) I have never heard anyone say, “Excuse me, Ms.” It is simply not idiomatic. If I did hear it, it would strike me as some combination of odd and disrespectful. You could use “Ms.” with ...
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Is it rude to say “Excuse me, Ms.”?

I'm not sure if I can leave a side note to this question.This question happened today, and I explained to my student that I've never heard that in English someone approaches a woman; she could be a ...
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What does the word "another" refer to in the sentence “He could not forget or pardon a lapse in another"?

Here, another means another individual, anyone else. She’s comparing the standards to which he holds himself to those he would apply in judging other people.
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"What time is it" versus "what is the time"

There are lots of ways to ask the time. Many are indirect; indirect questions are often considered to be polite. What's the time? What time is it? Do you know what time it is? Do you have the time? ...
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Does "I'm gonna get it" mean that I'm going to get scolded or punished?

AHD includes get it: to receive a scolding or punishment But I agree with Wiktionary that it's not the default metaphorical sense: get it ... (2) To understand something, to catch on. If they aren'...
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