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Barack Obama on food and climate change: XXX. This structure simply implies that XXX concerns food and climate change, that XXX is an opinion about this subject. WordHippo defines "on" as Dealing with the subject of and provides synonyms as about, concerning, regarding, having to do with, touching and many others. A on B: XXX is a formal ...


"Bad" English is simply worse than "poor" English. Both words imply judgement. The implication is both metaphorical and connotative. Therefore "bad" English does not mean literally "sinful" English.


If possible, you should use their names. It is generally rather impolite to use "Dear Madam" when writing to someone whose name you know, or whose name you should know. If you don't know their names, make an effort to find them out. For a formal letter you should use last names with an appropriate title (Ms or Dr or Prof. are common titles for ...

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