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Future perfect continuous without time expressions

Yes, it's possible. Absent context they sound strange but it's possible to create a reasonable context. The national Olympic trials are this coming September. A muscle tear was the worst thing ...
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Using would in a doubtful situation

Short answer to your question is if it's uncertain but a real possibility we use 'will'. Looking at your examples though, we have two different uses of 'would'. #1 'would you help me' is a polite ...
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If so, I **will give/ going to give/ am giving** you 5 months

I don't really think the speaker B is making an on-the-spot decision for the future, rather they say about what they are doing right now, and it is giving additional time for the project completion: B:...
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Future continuous vs perfect continuous

Future Perfect Continuous Tense use I want to show that one action will be already in progress before another one happens. When we use the Future Perfect Continuous Tense, this is possible. Now ...
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If so, I **will give/ going to give/ am giving** you 5 months

There's a missing am for the second one, and 's' for month. Edit I will give/ [am] going to give/ am giving you [five additional] month[s] to finish this project. All three versions are fine. I ...
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