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An alternative phrasing would be "you can number me among". That is, the speaker is one of the named group, with the (often rhetorical, as here) implication that a large number of people or things is being divided into separate, mutually exclusive groups, and being counted. E.g. "Senator X is counted with Trump's supporters".


It is definition 4 here: "to include in a reckoning; take into account"


I can understand it so: "you can count me with the dreamers." = "you can think about me that I'm a dreamer." "you can count me with the dreamers." = "you can think about me that I'm one of the dreamers."


It means precisely "When you count the dreamers, you have my permission to include me."


It is the opposite of what people mean when they say “count me out” or “I don’t count”.


"To sneak around with someone" means to be dating with some amount of (and motivation for) secrecy. It might be an extramarital affair, or a relationship of which some others might disapprove.


To poison a well means to render it permanently (or for a very long time) unusable. So to use it an idiom in the example you give, it means "you must decide if the situation has been damaged or compromised beyond repair".


It is a fact that there were reports. We would have to use our judgement of the quality of the sources for whether we have confidence that the reports are true. The BBC reports that senior MacDonald's execs are suing for racial discrimination. If you consider the BBC to be a generally reliable source of news then you would believe that the executives ...


As a BrE speaker I might use the following phrases (although they have slightly different connotations, and other meanings): Bread and Butter - The day to day repetitive tasks that are easy to do. Grunt Work - The slog, or non-thinking part, that just needs to get done. Gravy - The easy work that gets the money.

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