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"Looking forward to(something)" is a phrasal verb, meaning that you treat the phrase as you would a verb. Therefore, the something in question can only be either a 1.+ing verb or 2.a noun So, to eat+ing is the correct answer.


“Looking forward to eating” is correct here. “Looking forward to” is acting like a phrasal verb that wants a direct object — a noun. I am looking forward to the test She is looking forward to the new “Star Wars” movie. They are looking forward to a better future. We are looking forward to running a marathon. I was looking ...


Option #1 is grammatically correct, and sounds natural to my (American) ear. Option #2 is grammatically correct, but does not sound natural to me. It has the same meaning as Option #1. It has the same level of formality as Option #1. Option #3 is not grammatically correct.

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