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Both are passive and both are idiomatic. The version with the gerund-participle is what Huddleston & Pullum (2002) call a concealed passive construction and the version with the infinitive an ordinary passive construction: With a small number of catenative verbs, notably need, require, deserve and want, a gerund-participial may be passive while ...


Both forms are fine. I would probably prefer 'to be cleaned' which is very common and idiomatic. To me, 'needs'+gerund sounds a bit more complicated, although still fine to use.


The answer is (4)to send- to hang "Please do not forget to send me some pretty presents to hang on my tree." It is a simple sentence of requesting/ordering someone to do something for you in a friendly way.


I think the answer is 4) because: -Forget + doing sth: you did sth in the past, but you forget it -Forget + to do sth : there is sth you will do in the future, but you don't remember that you must/ have to do it


I am afraid that, as the EngVid page on Gerunds and Infinitives listed by FumbleFingers says, this is simply an arbitrary rule of usage. I disagree with a few of the statements on the page. but I agree with its general point nd with most of the specific classifications given there, and i can't advance any systematic criterion for which verbs take an ...

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