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The concept in The Godfather is that if you are doing business in the Family’s territory or a business they control, then tribute is due. What he is conveying is that he won’t take their whole operation and only wants a bit, a small portion, like a bird dipping his beak in a pool, as tribute to allow the operation to continue.


I'm not familiar with Body of Lies, but I don't think "hangers" is referring to a hanging or to hangmen here. This sounds like a reference to the Crucifixion (of Jesus) to me. Ed seems to be saying that you have two choices: you can participate in a crucifixion by "hanging" on the Cross (victim), or by "nailing" someone else to it (perpetrator). I have ...


You want a good reference for "Straphanger" one word, not two. Go read just about anything on MACVSOG in the Vietnam War, you'll find the term used multiple times by Recon Team members, also know as Spike Teams, they also had what was called Hatchet Teams, Reaction Teams, and others. The term is used often by the SF guys, and it's not use in a derogatory ...

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