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It's a reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.!%22


Certainly any similarly-shaped object can be used to metaphorically refer to the human head, as long as it makes sense to your intended audience. While many watermelons are relatively small and spherical, in the United States (and possibly elsewhere) many are large and oblong, and don't really look like a head at all: An avid bicyclist once tell me to ...


This construct is found in only a few dialects, and not in any of the standard ones. You have the meaning right. There isn't an elided adjective sharp, it's just saying that the edge is the kind of edge you could shave with. You could also say "an edge such as you could shave with", or "an edge of a sort you could shave with", or just "an edge you could ...


It's not an idiom or metaphor. That sentence is the start of Chapter Eighteen of the Ghost Files by April Baker. In the previous chapter (Seventeen) the narrator goes to a "rock band tournament", where a number of bands compete for a prize, and right at the end, receives some surprising information, and, as the next chapter starts, is considering it while ...

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