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How do I simplify the hypernegation in Ontario Human Rights Code, RSO 1990, s. 24?

unless introduces necessary conditions. You cannot log in unless you know the password. Here, the conditions are those necessary for a judicial finding that a qualification is reasonable and bona ...
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Using not with both, either, neither: word choice when expressing negation of two options

OP's He didn’t do neither and He didn’t do none are like I didn't do nuffink! They're all double negatives, usually seen as evidence of poor education if uttered by native speakers. Sometimes it's ...
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Double negation using 2 verbs

The sentence: I will not regret not marrying you. is perfectly fine. There's no double negative. "Not marrying you" is what you will not regret, and there's really no better way to express ...
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One negation used in one sentence with conjunction or two different clauses

The question as asked has no answer. It says "how would you interpret..." but "not (based) on context". But the only way to interpret a coordination "not X and Y" is ...
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