It's not necessarily grammatically wrong, but the order you've presented is not idiomatic and would strike my ear as possibly archaic. The idiomatic version places the subject between the verb and the negation. Aren't they lovely? becomes Are they not lovely? See a famous version of this from the movie Gladiator: Are you not entertained? Is this ...


When it comes to verbal negation, dummy DO occurs in negative imperative clauses and negative clauses with a primary verb-form (i.e., the preterit, 3rd person singular present, or plain present form) without another auxiliary verb present. Since subjunctive clauses aren't imperative clauses, and they aren't headed by a primary verb-form (namely, they have ...


You cannot have 'not' + verb in this sentence. It is better to write: “In the period that we do not (don't) enter, Romanticism, the Account became the preeminent formula for literary production.” You can see more about this rule here: https://open.books4languages.com/english-a1-grammar/chapter/present-simple-negative/

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