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Is it posible to intensify an adjective + noun using "so" or "very"?

Using "very" is no problem. Using "so" is a little more complicated. Let's use a typical adjective + noun pairing like "hot day" as our example. "It was a very hot ...
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Can we say “in upheaval times” instead of “in times of upheaval”?

Though the construction with the attributive noun has a match in Spartacus: 73 v. Chr. - Page 124, it is so rare that it is not even registered in Ngram. This Ngram is able to plot only in times of ...
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Singular noun as a concept for generalisation

Neither heart disease nor language are being used as singular nouns, but as uncountable ones. "Heart disease" refers to any number of medically distinct conditions, but in everyday English ...
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Can I use the noun "luge steering" to refer to the act of steering a luge?

nobody would say "car steering" Yes they would, if it wasn't clear what kind of steering was being referred to. Different kinds of steering work in different ways. Horse steering is done ...
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