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Passive voice: see somebody ___ (send) back into society

Being sent is most passive and "sent" alone is best English.
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Questions about passive voice

A good use had been made of the house. makes perfect sense, but without the initial "A" would be more normal. The house had been made a good use of. doesn't sound right. Slightly better as ...
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'destroyed' or 'to be destroyed'

In first sentence, remove the comma, unless you mean that you want someone to bring you the balls in a broken state. The second insists on the necessity to do it in a near future, usually by someone ...
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“China is reckoned to not be prevented by…” Is this wording weird?

It is not clear how to restate that passive construction to be prevented in active voice in a grammatical manner and with a clear predicate. The US is reckoned to not prevent China from attacking ...
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“China is reckoned to not be prevented by…” Is this wording weird?

Though the sentence is technically correct it is verbose, clumsy, and can be simplified. I would've written it as: It is reckoned that the U.S. would not prevent China from attacking Taiwan.
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