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For a sentence with logical conclusion shouldn't we use past pefect?

I guess the way you are thinking is that, if you say that you saw someone (past tense) then they are no longer in your sight, and so logically you cannot say with certainty where they are (or are not) ...
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Two English grammar questions of past, past prefect

In (1), the past perfect is used because the activity had not yet finished - they were still walking. ("Before we walked ten miles" would mean "before we set out".) (2) could be ...
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Had not needed vs did not need

"Hadn't needed to..." would have been correct grammar and the meaning (in this case) is roughly the same. But it isn't required. You aren't talking about a state (not needing warm clothes) ...
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Can past perfect tense follow present perfect tense?

In English, you need to use past perfect tense if the order of events isn't clear. When she arrived, the party started. When she arrived, the party had started. In the first sentence, she arrives, ...
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