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Difference between "is come" and "has come"

The time has come... is standard English, and is the version that's used today. On the other hand, The time is come... sounds weird today and uses the archaic 'to be come' construction. Here is ...
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Past tense while talking about future events

The context in which the police decided to issue their admonition included the fact that (at that time) it was expected that several groups would take part in the upcoming event. The passage you cite ...
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Two English grammar questions of past, past prefect

In (1), the past perfect is used because the activity had not yet finished - they were still walking. ("Before we walked ten miles" would mean "before we set out".) (2) could be ...
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Tense system of passage

Can one describe the following as using the Past Tense? Yes. There is use of the past tense in the extract: I shrugged. It was clear that we 'd stumbled into a prehistoric gathering. The voice of a &...
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What time does "then" refer to in my example?

The other day I had my monthly pizza, wine and music playing session with Hank Meldrum again. [Established time: a day, with music playing] I took this LP with me which I hadn't played in say 10 years....
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Can past perfect tense follow present perfect tense?

In English, you need to use past perfect tense if the order of events isn't clear. When she arrived, the party started. When she arrived, the party had started. In the first sentence, she arrives, ...
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Past continuous vs past perfect continuous

The past perfect and past perfect continuous talk of a time before a past event. You can think of this as something happening in the past of the past, i.e. further back in time than the past, before ...
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