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until today, does it include today

1: Until today I had been getting on well with my boyfriend ...implies I'm not getting on with him now (today). But in most contexts... 2: This shop is [only] open until today ...implies the shop ...
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Why using the past tense when one parent is dead but the children and the other parent are alive?

This all depends on whether by "having children" you are talking about the past event of giving birth to children, or whether you are talking about the children still existing. Having ...
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What tense do you use in this case?

You would use past perfect when you are talking about some action or state that was complete at the time you are talking about. When I arrived at work yesterday, I'd hadn't heard about the ...
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Why past simple in this sentence of Jane Austen's book "Persuasion"?

The constituents of the sentence can be reordered so: Their apprehensions were the worst for being vague till he came and had examined the child. Notice had examined. The examination takes place ...
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Is the usage of the Past Perfect tense possible in the context provided?

There is no need, quite simply, for past perfect here. It always comes before some event in the simple past either stated or implied. Your text has neither. On the contrary, he sent her a letter and ...
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tense with until today

It's quite common and natural to use present perfect if the change is quite recent. It's also correct to use past perfect in those situations. It depends what you're trying to express. With present ...
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