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I Can't understand the usage of "Would"

I have some material that couuld help you. Would can be used as a modal verb or in conditionals (2st conditional -> If i could, then I would... 3rd conditional -> if i had been, than I would ...
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I Can't understand the usage of "Would"

Link:Learner's Dictionary You've asked a very difficult question. I know because I am a native speaker of Canadian English, but I cannot tell you why. When I was a child the rules were different from ...
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'Where is the number 1'? or 'Where is the digit 1'? or simply 'where is 1'?

When working with young children, it's best not to complicate matters. Generally you start children off with pictures, and ask questions like "Where is the rabbit?" or "Where is the ...
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Can I say I am C2 if I passed C1 Advanced with an A?

What that means is that you are likely to pass the C2 exam, not that you have. So, no. Your only certification is C1. You could say you believe you have a C2-level of proficiency, but nothing beyond ...
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Generic nouns plural/singular: Difficulties for ESL speakers

I shall try to answer this question, but it is so badly posed as to be nearly unintelligible. What do you want to say? (Remember that "component") may be used as a noun or an adjective. So the short ...
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How to enrich my “everyday” vocabulary as an ESL parent in the U.S.?

Your best resource is your child; she'll teach you. Children at this age are absorbing language in ways that are not well understood. They are too young to tell us how to do it. Your child is picking ...
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How to enrich my “everyday” vocabulary as an ESL parent in the U.S.?

1) Watch children’s TV shows with the English subtitles on. 2) Read for yourself books directed at 2 year olds. The ones with minimal or no plot but lots of words. Richard Scary wrote a few good ...
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