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Phrasal verb and the position of the object

They are both grammatically correct. The first one is much more commonly used with short objects, and the second one more with long objects. The more formal the writing, the less natural the second ...
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Difference between using in and up north

I've never heard "in north" but "in the north". Up north has a directional deictic aspect. North is relative to the speaker's location. The speaker's location is southerly. In the ...
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Meaning of 'make out' in " . . . you didn't, somehow, make out to give us the thing straight"

Here make out to [verb] is synonymous with the contemporary manage to [verb]. .. to succeed and no more; to have success at last as He made out to reconcile the contending parties. John Ogilvie The ...
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You're to stake your pile on Speedy

From Merriam-Webster, usage 4 of 6, meaning 3: a great amount of money : FORTUNE.
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