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"Nobody's here" vs "people aren't here"

"People aren't here" sounds really odd to me. You might want to add "the" before "people". I'd say something like: There are no people here There's nobody here Nobody's ...
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If I didn't have vs Hadn't I had. What's the difference?

If I'm understanding the context correctly, your answer isn't correct, because the action in the first part of the sentence ("have the chance to make that acquaintance") occurs (...
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Verb omission in English. "Enemy down" without any linking verb

When speaking in situations that require you to be terse, it is common not to use full sentences. Stop! Over there! Wolf! Ouch! Enemy down! I suspect that most other languages allow this kind of ...
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Is the post-modifier "to write" part of a noun phrase in "letters to write"?

I have [letters to write]. Yes, the bracketed constituent is a noun phrase with the noun "letters" as head. "To write" is an infinitival relative clause post-modifying "...
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