You're probably better off asking this over on The Workplace. This kind of "business-speak" is not something every English speaker will know; plus it's constantly evolving. However, to answer the question: a common term when talking about what is and is not within the specifications of a project is "scope": I believe these additional sections would be ...


"I'm afraid [that]" is an apologetic way of introducing a problem that does not have a convenient solution. For example: "Thank you for coming. I'm afraid my English is not very good, so I will give this talk in {Language}."


This question definitely has a lot of facets, many of which should be asked on other SE boards. Skipping everything interpersonal and contractual, you still have different options depending on the details. If you think this should be a separate project because it covers too many topics or talks about too many things, or is simply too large for its ...

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