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I think, in context, it does. A more polite version might be, “Please confirm ...,” or “Please do confirm ....” If it’s not really optional, some alternatives are, “Remember to confirm ...,” or “Be sure to confirm ....”


(I'd like to apologize for any false sense of authority that comes off through the formatting of my answer, but I thought the use of headings made it more readable.) Using "sir" with strangers I'm about to oversimplify, but as a rule of thumb you can consider it a neutral way to address anyone whose name you don't know. In most interactions with ...


In American usage it is becoming less and less common to say "sir" and "ma'am," at least in my experience in the Northeast and Midwest. Perhaps retail employees might use it when greeting a customer, and customer support personnel having a telephone conversation might use it to indicate politeness (as body language is not transmitted over ...


Well as commented by others, more information is needed to give good answer but generally when you are using "can" as a permission, the past form as in "Could I meet with you?" is considered to be more polite and formal also if you want to be more formal you can use "may" instead of "can" or "could". Also it ...

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