The Present Participle is a Verb used as an Adjective. It is formed by adding the suffix -ing to the infinitive form of the Verb.

A common use of the Present Participle is to form the Progressive and Continuous Tense:

  • I am speaking.
  • He was reading.

They are also used to combine two clauses with the same subject:

  1. He sat in the corner and read.
    • He sat reading in the corner.

And of course, Present Participles function as adjectives:

  • Check out that singing woman.
  • The screaming man needs to calm down.

A note about spelling:

  • When Verbs end in -e, the -e is dropped before adding -ing. (Drive = Driving)

  • For verbs ending in -ee, both are retained. (Agree = Agreeing)

  • Verbs ending in -ie are changed to -y before adding -ing. (Lie = Lying)