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"How can we" vs. "How we can?"

The difference between these two sentences is too simple: How can we achieve this? (This is a completed question.You are asking,what do I do? and then I achieve this) How we can achieve this (This is ...
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Can I simply use indirect questions?

You can frame an indirect question like this: Can you tell me where the historic six point programme was declared?
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"what+noun" can take modifiers when asking?

You can ask what + noun because what is an adjective modifying the noun. Furthermore, "What food made in the factory" is a noun clause used as the subject of the sentence. Noun clauses act as nouns ...
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Is it one word or two? how do you formulate questions with Or (is question word required?)

In your example the two alternatives are presented as the complement in a Verb subject-complement question (Is) - (it) - (one word or two)? When you has a question with a question word like "...
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free relatives and indirect questions

An indirect question may use a clause like this. You can tell it is a question because the person speaking is expecting an answer. Tell me what it is. This is an indirect question. It uses the ...
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What's the difference between what I was hoping would happen? vs. What I was hoping that would happen?

"What I was hoping would happen" is a relative clause. It could be used in a sentence like this: "This is what I was hoping would happen." or like this "What I was hoping would happen actually ...
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What structures are sometimes used in your country? -> What +sth + verb question format

You might find this page helpful: Subject and Object Questions in English These are called subject questions and do not require the "do" helping verb, nor do you have to invert the word order. ...
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Had they ever, if they had ever, whether they had ever

Your second and third sentences are fine, but the parenthesized alternatives with ever before had are klunky; I'd stick with putting ever after had. And sentences in this form, a declarative clause ...
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Can I simply use indirect questions?

declarative The movie was filmed in Paris. direct question Where was the movie filmed? indirect question Do you know where the movie was filmed?
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