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"It's both talent and hard work that are/is required." — Why is "are" incorrect? "Both talent and hard work" is plural and must agree only with "are"

Cambridge Dictionary explains it-cleft sentences: When a plural subject is the focus, we use a plural verb but It + be remains singular: It’s the parents who were protesting most. The OP's example (...
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Distant to be "were" in relative clause in "his trials and tribulations, which he claimed were his worst"

to claim something is not something. It is not a pattern. It's just writing. The symphony, which he claimed was his best, received no reaction in the press. COMPARE The symphony, which was his best,...
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My relatives and friends who

There is nothing wrong with it grammatically, but I would understand it to include your relatives among the people who love you. If you wish the description to apply only to friends, you can either ...
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